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Best Family Law Attorney Orlando, FL.

What should I look for when trying to find the best family law attorney in Orlando, FL?

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Family law is a broad scope of the law that affects us all in our day to day dealings. It does not focus only on divorce as most believe. Family law covers larger scopes such as Paternity rights, guardianship, juvenile delinquency, emancipation, custody, child support, adoption, divorce, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreement.

Divorce, custody and child support remain the most common cases within the practice of family law. Whereas a lawyer may practice beyond one scope of the law, family lawyers tend to focus mainly on this genre due to its diversity and sensitivity of the cases.

To cover such broad ranges, it takes one seven to eight years in America to practice law. With such sensitive matters, one requires the best to solve their issues, especially in such sensitive issues as often arise in family law cases.

Focusing on Orlando Florida, below are the key criteria for selecting the best lawyer to handle family law;

High Integrity
One requires a lawyer with high moral standing, one that will not be intimidated or bribed to let a case slide.

An attorney who understands the client needs is a lawyer who will serve you to the best of their capability. It is therefore advised to find someone who is empathetic to your situation and wishes to improve it.

Community Love
Finding a law firm that practices corporate social responsibility shows one that they care about their environment and thus, one will be in safe hands under their care.

National recognition
This is one key factor to look at, as some lawyers may lack proper platforms, or good work practice but still have the heart to serve.

Recognition by national bodies is evidence of a winning track record, which is what every client wants.

In Orlando, the Rising Star recognition for lawyers under 35 is a great starting point as this award is given to only 2.5% within the age group.

The Legal Elite award is another performance criteria one can use to gauge a lawyer’s winning track record within all age brackets.

The National advocates top 100 lawyers is another award issued to only the best 100 lawyers in Orlando. This award ensures that only the best are selected in terms of winning track record, work practice, and values.

Family Values
A lawyer who believes in family values is a lawyer who will ensure an amicable dispute resolution is arrived at. This is important, particularly when children are involved as a respectful relationship needs to be fostered when co-parenting.

Proven Track record
Nothing brags louder about a lawyer’s capability than their winning track record. If they have a bigger winning track record against various lawyers, that is a keeper.

As mentioned above, family law has different categories. If one meets a lawyer who practices in a particular subsection of family law, they have a wider knowledge gap on the same than an attorney who focuses on all subsections. This ensures that the specialized lawyer is better versed on the docket and has a higher probability of winning in their core practice area. Better yet, if one meets a law firm with various lawyers specializing in different areas, that would be ideal as at times, family disputes may involve more than one key issue at a time.

While searching for a family lawyer, we advise that the above fundamental rules apply, but also go with your gut feeling. The chemistry between counsel and client is quite vital to the success of a case a thus, we advise that one should feel comfortable with their lawyer.

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